Salt Water in Fiberglass Pools: Can It Be Done?

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Spool or Pool? Weighing the Differences

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Plunge Pools: A Worthy Investment or a Fad?

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Slip No More: Top 8 Non-Slip Surfaces for Pool Decks

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Resurfacing Your Pool Deck: 7 Best Material Choices

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Above-Ground Pool Prep: Your A-Z Guide

They’re not quite as popular as in-ground pools, but above-ground pools have many advantages – they’re a lot cheaper, quicker to install, easier to maintain, and you can remove them when you move house. They don’t add value to your home but give just as much pleasure if you install them correctly. If you’re doing … Read more

Unearthing Facts: Can Above-Ground Pools Partially Buried?

Let’s face it; an above-ground pool can look like it’s the in-ground pool’s poor relation. Aesthetically, these pools are not as pleasing to the eye. But if that’s what you have, you’re probably considering ways to make it look less like a box sitting on your lawn and fit into the landscaping of your garden. … Read more