5 Brilliant Benefits of a Pool Aerator

As we immerse ourselves in the world of pool maintenance, a common question arises: What does an aerator do for a pool? This seemingly simple inquiry delves into the heart of pool care, especially for those facing the challenge of overheated pool water during scorching summers. While many methods exist to cool pool water, the … Read more

Pool Automation In 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Advanced Automated Pool Cleaning System

As a pool owner, you are undoubtedly aware of what needs to be done to maintain it in pristine condition. You may have a maintenance schedule that assists you in remembering what to do and when to do it, but what happens when you’re away or too busy to spend that time at the pool? … Read more

Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Pool: Pool Drain Risks and Safety Measures

A drain at the bottom of a swimming pool, with safety signs to emphasize caution and awareness

Not many activities at home beat the enjoyment of playing, swimming, and relaxing in your backyard pool on a hot summer day. But, as with most activities, there’s a risk element; in a pool, that risk is getting into difficulties and possibly drowning. One way this may happen is if a swimmer gets trapped by … Read more

Troubleshooting Pool Pump Breaker Trips: A Guide

Residential swimming pool with visible pool pump and electrical connections

Pool pumps cause so few problems that we tend to take them for granted, leaving them to work when the timer switches them on and expecting them to keep on pumping water around the filtration system without missing a beat. So, when you go away for a few days and return to find your pool … Read more

Pool Pillows – How Important Are They?

A stylish backyard setting with a circular pool at the center of which lies a square inflatable pillow, surrounded by wooden decking and comfortable loungers.

If you thought a pool pillow was what you put your head on while floating on your inflatable sunbed, you’d be in good company, but you’d be wrong. Pool pillows are recommended for use in pools that freeze over in winter and for a few other purposes as well, but have no real purpose in … Read more

Are Pool Pumps Interchangeable?(A Complete Examination)

The pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system and, very much like your own heart, needs to be kept in tip-top condition to ensure that the flow through it is at the correct pressure, at the optimum volume, and that there are no blockages. If you need a transplant, are pool pumps interchangeable? … Read more

Can an Existing Pool Welcome a New Fountain? Explore!

Water features like waterfalls, deck jets, rain curtains, and fountains add a new visual and sound dimension to a pool’s aesthetics, turning a plain swimming facility into an eye-catching focal point in your garden. What’s more, the aeration of the water caused by the additional exposure of the water to air has all kinds of … Read more

Pool Bubblers: What Are They & How They Work

Backyard pools are usually quite an expensive luxury, and most of the equipment required for their efficient operation is also not cheap and not an option that can be ignored. Not so with pool bubblers – they’re cheap, they’re not essential, but they’re great fun and add to the ambiance of an otherwise ordinary pool. … Read more

Pool Ionizers: Do They Deliver?

For many pool owners, using chlorine and other sanitizers presents a problem because of their effect on those with sensitive skin. Pool ionizers are becoming popular as an alternative method of maintaining clean and clear water as, using the power of ions to sanitize swimming pools, they reduce the need for traditional chlorine-based chemicals. The … Read more

Pool Zinc Anodes: What They Are and Why They Matter

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when a metal comes into contact with water or moisture, resulting in the gradual deterioration of the metal’s surface. In a swimming pool, the presence of water, chemicals, and different metals can create an ideal environment for corrosion to occur. So, what is a pool zinc anode, and … Read more