Top 5 Winter Pool Algaecides

Sparkling Winter Pool Treated with Algaecide

In this article, Let’s delve into the critical choice of selecting the best winter algaecide for your pool. Many pool owners face the dilemma of maintaining clear, algae-free water during the colder months. To address these concerns, I’ll guide you through different algaecide options, their effectiveness against cold-weather algae, and the nuances that set them … Read more

Dealing with a Slimy Pool Despite Clear Water: Tips and Tricks

Clear and Slimy Pool Water

As a pool owner, you’re likely familiar with the routine of checking your pool’s health, ensuring it’s clean and visually appealing. But what if the water is clear yet feels slimy? This unexpected situation might leave you puzzled. Is it normal for clear pool water to be slimy, and if not, what could be causing … Read more

Does Pool Water Effectively Kill Fleas? What You Need to Know

A pool infested with fleas, highlighting the need for proper pool maintenance

When summer heat beckons you to the pool, often accompanied by your water-loving Labrador or spaniel, an unexpected guest might also join in: fleas. These tiny pests, known for their irritating bites and remarkable resilience, spark curiosity and concern. A common question arises: Will pool water kill fleas? In this exploration, I’ll uncover the surprising … Read more

Termites Swim in Your Pool? 5 Simple Steps to Ditch Unwanted Guests!

Because termites can’t survive in water for very long, you’d think they wouldn’t be a problem in your pool, but you’d be wrong. They are potentially destroyers of vinyl-lined pools, and even if you have a cement or fiberglass pool, you’re still not safe. Termites devour wood and water, and the pool and decking provide … Read more

Ditch Water Bugs Fast!

When summer comes around after the long, cold winter, days get longer and hotter, and the swimming pool becomes once again the main center of entertainment, the favorite fun area for friends and family. And for bugs. Most of them are harmless, but some bite, and all make the pool their home unless we find … Read more

Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Pool: Pool Drain Risks and Safety Measures

A drain at the bottom of a swimming pool, with safety signs to emphasize caution and awareness

Not many activities at home beat the enjoyment of playing, swimming, and relaxing in your backyard pool on a hot summer day. But, as with most activities, there’s a risk element; in a pool, that risk is getting into difficulties and possibly drowning. One way this may happen is if a swimmer gets trapped by … Read more

Causes of Pool Liner Wrinkles and How to Fix Them

Wrinkled Pool Liner in a Sunny Backyard Pool

Vinyl pools were first introduced to American homeowners in the 1950s, mainly because they were more affordable than concrete pools, which remained out of reach for many homeowners in the Northeast and Midwest, where harsh weather conditions necessitated more expensive construction. Today, they’re more sophisticated and very popular, but there’s one unsolved question: why do … Read more

How to Properly Close Your Inground Pool for Winter

Securing Inground Pool with Cover for Winter Preparation

Closing your pool for winter could mean simply putting a cover over it and switching off the pump. Closing the pool properly involves winterizing it to avoid damage to the lining or shell of the pool and all the plumbing and equipment that is part of the filtration system. It applies to all pools, but … Read more

Do Pool Water Test Kits Expire?(A Close Look)

When winter has come and gone, days are warmer, and your family is keen to get back into the pool. The first thing to do is ensure that the water is chemically balanced, free of bacteria and algae, and safe for everyone to take the plunge. That means getting it tested or starting your home … Read more

Algae in Your Pool Causes and Effective Removal

It’s the bane of every pool owner’s life: the green growth that appears in the still corners of the pool’s steps and quickly spreads to the skimmer box, the tile grouting, and various other surfaces. I’ve had pools where it never appears and others where it’s challenging to eradicate. Why, then, do some pools have … Read more