Dive into the Warmth: How Pool Heaters Work

Summer doesn’t last nearly long enough for swimmers and water lovers. With the shorter days, the water temperature drops, and not too many of us enjoy losing our breath when we dive into the pool. But pool heaters can help extend the swimming season, sometimes year-round. Some can up the temperature quite substantially. How do … Read more

Robotic Pool Cleaners: Splurge or Save?

We all love using our spare time for pool maintenance, right? Not so much! But it’s a necessary evil if for that picture-perfect sparkling pool. A robotic pool cleaner offers an innovative solution for the lazy pool owner, and besides a slightly painful cash outlay, it requires very little of us. But, considering the expense, … Read more

7 Reasons Why Pool Pump Won’t Prime and Quick Fixes

Why Pool Pump Wont Prime?

Swimming pools are great assets in any property, not only because they add value but because they provide such enjoyment for the whole family. Except, that is, for Dad or whoever is designated to clean, maintain, repair, and keep it in shape! One job that can make you want to do away with the pool … Read more

Adjusting Pool Skimmer Suction: A DIY Guide for Homeowners

How To Adjust Pool Skimmer Suction?

Unfortunately, swimming pools don’t keep themselves clean; they require regular maintenance. One of the parts you need to keep your eye on is the pool skimmer, which removes debris and other contaminants from the water’s surface. Adjusting the pool skimmer’s suction may occasionally be necessary to ensure your pool stays clean and healthy. Before you … Read more

Pool Cover Pitfalls, Unveiling Risks and Improving Safety

Are Pool Covers Dangerous?

While beaches and public swimming pools are manned by trained lifeguards, private pools in the back yard of family homes are protected only by fences in some cases and, in other cases, also by additional pool covers. While some of these covers provide genuine safety, others may simply mask the inherent dangers of swimming pools. … Read more

Pool Skimmer Problems, Why It’s Not Working and Solutions

Why Pool Skimmer Is Not Working?

A pool skimmer is a vital part of your swimming pool’s filtration system. It removes floating debris from the water’s surface before it falls to the bottom and clogs the filters. When it’s not working correctly, your pool water can quickly become cloudy and grow algae. Knowing why a pool skimmer is not working will … Read more

Is Your Pool Pump Not Working? Top Reasons & Maintenance Advice to Get It Running

Why Pool Pump is Not Working

It may be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to clean your pool for the summer, and your pool pump isn’t operating as effectively as it should. To avoid further pool damage, it is necessary to pinpoint the cause of the trouble and fix it efficiently. Suction problems and difficulty in starting the pump are the … Read more