Pools Triumph Over Beaches: Explore 11 Convincing Factors That Set Them Apart

If you’re a true water baby, you’re eager to dip into any body of water when it’s only the tiniest bit warm. Let’s face it; beaches have their appeal. They are scenic, full of fantastic creatures, and make for great romantic walks with a loved one. But when it comes to swimming and entertaining family and friends, there are so many reasons why pools are better than beaches.

It is apparent that pools are better than beaches when you consider factors such as safety, hygiene, privacy, travel, costs, and more. While beaches are often beautiful and popular holiday attractions, a private pool affords owners and their families summer fun and other benefits around the clock.

Granted, having a sparkling pool takes some maintenance and care, but it is worth the time and effort. It’s your saving grace when you’re almost melting in the summer heat, not to mention when the kids are bored and moody on vacation. Certainly, it’s not always convenient to drag them down to the beach, even if you live nearby.

Why Pools Are Better Than Beaches?

Nobody can dispute the beauty of an exquisite sea view or how it clears your head to take a long walk on the beach. Take someone special, and a budding romance often blooms during a beach walk. If you go with your dog, he’s ecstatic. But for swimming and entertainment, pools are tops. Here are our reasons why.

1. Pools Are Safer Than Beaches

While most of us aren’t frantic with fear at the thought of going to the beach, such a trip is fraught with innumerable dangers.

One of the ocean’s most significant dangers is the rip tide. Swimmers don’t initially notice when the current washes them away from safe swimming spots. When they do, they often panic and fight the current, exhausting themselves, and many drown before somebody can rescue them.

Then there are the powerful waves that can dump you and turn you around until you can’t find your way up to the surface again.

In addition, the ocean contains hundreds of harmful and potentially lethal sea creatures swimming around you. Think of sharks, poisonous jellyfish, bluebottles, sea snakes, pufferfish, stingrays, and electric eels.

Public places like beaches also sometimes have a dangerous human element. If you have young children, your eyes must be on them every second to protect them from predators of the human type.

If you’re swimming in your pool at home, you do not need to worry about dangerous currents, waves, human predators, or scary critters.

2. Maintained Pools Are Cleaner Than Beaches

Although it may be a drag, maintaining your pool with chlorine and other chemicals kills off bacteria and algae and sanitizes it so it is safe for your family to use. The area around your pool and your garden are also clean and hygienic.

Many beaches are polluted with litter, broken beer bottles, and even human and animal contaminants. The last factor can be caused by unclean behavior, but it’s also not unheard of that people discover raw sewage flowing into the sea. That doesn’t bear thinking about, making pools better than beaches in one fell swoop!

3. Pools Are Better For Learners Than Beaches

People learning to swim are better off in a pool. There are no dangerous currents or waves, and visibility is excellent. Learners can practice in the shallow end without too much danger.

4. Home Pools Offer Privacy

Some people love to swim and tan but are not confident in their appearance in a swimsuit or perhaps their swimming skills. Swimming at home allows you to be out in the water and sunshine without incurring unwelcome judgment. Many people also detest crowds, and you won’t get away from them on the beach.

5. Pools Are Better Than Beaches For Supervising Children

Spending family time at the beach makes for great memories, but often it’s not relaxing for the parents of young children. Kids can easily get lost or pulled under the water, so parents must constantly keep their eyes on little ones. One should always watch children near water, but it is much easier to supervise a few kids at a private home pool.

6. No Travel Or Planning Time Is Required For Pools

A beach trip can require a lot of preparation time. You must plan and pack all necessary equipment before making the trip. After enjoying the ocean, you pack all your paraphernalia back into the car and arrive home hot and sweaty again! You can enjoy a pool at any time of the day without any preparation, as often as you like!

7. Food Is Cheaper And Immediately Accessible

While there are plenty of food options at the beach, it may cost you a kidney to buy lunch for the entire family. After swimming in your pool at home, all you have to do is open your fridge or start up the grill: no extra costs or waiting time.

8. Pools Are Better Than Beaches For Family Entertainment

Many people, especially seniors, may not enjoy or cope with the beach. A pool is suitable for all ages. Older people can float around for a while before lounging next to the pool, and kids will be in and out for as long as the adults allow. Playing games is easier in pools than at the beach because there are no crowds.

9. There Is No Sand Near Your Pool

Yes, we may enjoy a trip to the beach. But the sand that gets into everything, including your food, swimsuit, and equipment, is unbearable! Have you ever noticed the mountains of sea sand on the shower floor after a beach day? Swimming in your home pool means you need never dig your way out of the shower again.

10. Pools Are More Sheltered Than Beaches

A windy day at the beach with sand stinging your legs and eyes is not fun. While foul weather will keep most swimmers indoors, home pools are usually more sheltered from the wind by fences or hedges. Some pools are even indoors.

11. No Need For Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are a necessary evil at the beach. Often they are not clean, and you may also have to queue. Not having to use a public restroom is one of the most significant advantages of swimming at home in your own pool.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that beaches have their attractions. But for swimming and family entertainment that can be enjoyed at any time without any extra cost or inconvenience, it’s a no-brainer; pools win every time!