Algaecide Foam in Pools: A Concise Guide to Prevention and Solution

Swimming pool with swirling patterns of white algaecide foam on the surface

Swimming pools are synonymous with leisure and relaxation, but the appearance of foam can quickly turn tranquility into concern. Particularly, foam formation following the use of algaecides is a common puzzle for pool owners. This article aims to tackle this issue, offering straightforward solutions to effectively manage and prevent foam in your pool. What is … Read more

Top 5 Winter Pool Algaecides

Sparkling Winter Pool Treated with Algaecide

In this article, Let’s delve into the critical choice of selecting the best winter algaecide for your pool. Many pool owners face the dilemma of maintaining clear, algae-free water during the colder months. To address these concerns, I’ll guide you through different algaecide options, their effectiveness against cold-weather algae, and the nuances that set them … Read more

Does Pool Water Effectively Kill Fleas? What You Need to Know

A pool infested with fleas, highlighting the need for proper pool maintenance

When summer heat beckons you to the pool, often accompanied by your water-loving Labrador or spaniel, an unexpected guest might also join in: fleas. These tiny pests, known for their irritating bites and remarkable resilience, spark curiosity and concern. A common question arises: Will pool water kill fleas? In this exploration, I’ll uncover the surprising … Read more

Understanding the Difference: Algaecide vs Clarifier for Your Pool

Comparison of Pool Algaecide and Clarifier

That sparkling blue water in your pool doesn’t happen by accident, and there’s a bewildering range of products on offer, each one with its own role to play. It’s not only the clarity of the water that’s important but also the control of bacteria and other contaminants that affect the health of those using the … Read more

Algaecide + Shock: Safe Combo?

Sparkling clean swimming pool with algaecide and shock treatment products on the side

Sanitizers, clarifiers, purifiers, conditioners, stabilizers, algaecides, bromides, chlorine, salt, acid, flocculant – who said looking after the water in your pool was simple? Well, it is, once you’ve worked out how to maintain the balance of chemicals that keep the water sparkling and healthy. Two questions often asked are whether an algaecide is necessary and … Read more

Why Pool Water on Grass Might Be a Bad Idea?

If, like me, you love a beautiful garden and the pool is part of the overall landscape of trees, lawns, and accent plants, combined with paving, pool decking, and water features, you want to ensure that the green lawn and colorful plantings aren’t affected by pool water that you need to drain during the cleaning … Read more

Sensitive Skin? Discover the Best Pool Chemicals for You

Swimming pools are hugely popular for family fun and relaxing with friends, but for individuals with sensitive skin, the chemicals used to maintain the pool’s cleanliness can cause various skin irritations and discomfort. What is the solution, and what are the best pool chemicals that are gentle on sensitive skin while effectively sanitizing the water? … Read more

Pool Salt for Ice Removal: Does It Really Work?

Will Pool Salt Melt Ice?

Winter can be a challenging time for pool owners, especially when it comes to managing ice formation. Ice can damage pool surfaces and equipment and can also be dangerous for anyone using the pool area. You might be wondering how you can prevent your pool from freezing or, if it’s already frozen, whether pool salt … Read more